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Welcome to A Full Life!.

A Full Life is a simple puzzle "game" meant to explore what all goes into making a full life, and what a full life even means.

The goal is simple. Find a way to make all of the elements add up to a full life. Just click an element to add it to the life and you'll see how much of a life you can build with what you're given, aiming for a completely 100% full life using all of the items on the left side. When you've built the best life you can, you can progress to the next level by clicking the '>' button in the upper-right corner.

A Full Life requires a modern browser capable of rendering SVG (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari; IE 10+) and really is not designed for mobile - if you've reached this game on your phone, make sure to try it again later on your computer!

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Not everyone has a "normal" life, though...

The word 'normal' is pretty misleading, all told. Everyone has different things that hamper them from time to time, and a lot of discussion goes into things such as depression and anxiety, and what can lead to a full life when those get in the way.

These next few levels introduce a handicapped sense of a full life and an off-kilter sense of what it means to feel complete. Do the best you can, keep moving forward!

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...And not everything has to do with health...

Sometimes the things that stand in your way are social pressures that work against the very essence of who you are, your very identity. Here is where "normal" falls apart.

These next levels look at what it means to have a full life when working to feel fulfilled yourself while also fitting into the expectations of the society in which you reside.

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...And in the end, a full life is what you make of it.

Really, all that's left is to build the life that fits us best making us happy within the role we play in society.

There's always a way forward.


M. Scott (@drab_makyo) made this in four hours (so forgive any rough edges). Thanks to those who looked it over early on.

Strongly influenced by this picture and this article.

This relies on D3 - Data-Driven Documents and the Raleway font from Google Webfonts

This project is available on GitHub, where you are free to fork it.